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The main of the video is a girl named Serina, who recently experienced a painful break with her man, who was in a relationship lasting about 5 years. The wedding of a once-in-love couple, appointed exactly after a few months, was canceled, because Serena’s man unilaterally broke off their lasting relationship and left for another woman. The broken heart of the deceived girl had not known in the past such grief and despair. For a few weeks the girl went into a deep depression and might have gone further insane if one of Serina’s close friends had not told her abandoned girlfriend about one wooden house on top of a distant mountain that heals broken hearts and in which rumored their chosen people, in order to find there happiness with the same someone left by companions. Since the common grief and similar life troubles bring people together, no one ever left this house on top of the mountain alone. Serina did not ponder much over what her friend had said. She is in a hurry and is already going to that legendary house to cure her broken heart there. She will certainly find in that house her worthy man. She will be still happy.

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